Fish basins and filters

Fish basins 
Our standard square/rectangular polyester tanks or round polyester tanks are often used as fish basins.
They are provided with legs, a drain tray with stainless steel grate and 110mm feed-through.

Available in various standard colors, including blue, anthracite grey or black

– internal 3-chamber filter
– fish basin with window (starting from poly bin 1000 liter)

Height incl. legs =
up to 2200 liter basins: basin height + 16 cm
starting from 3300 liter basins: basin height + 20 cm

Vortex 400/500 liter, 100cm high, 102cm diameter
Vortex 600/700 liter, 115cm high, 102cm diameter

Overhead filter
3-chamber overhead filter for 700 liter fish tank, rim 102x45cm, 50cm high
4-chamber overhead filter for 1,600 liter fish tank, rim 135x45cm, 45cm high
4-chamber overhead filter for 2,200 liter fish tank, rim 155x65cm, 60cm high

Coupling filter
Coupling filter 330 liter, rim 67x67cm, 77cm high, int. ca. 60x60cm /60cm diameter
Coupling filter 440 liter, rim 77x77cm, 90cm high, int. ca. 70x70cm/70cm diameter

Trickle filter
Trickle filter 1,600 liter, 142x30x130cm LxWxH int.
Trickle filter 2,200 liter, 150x50x145cm LxWxH int.

Bakki Shower (casco)
Base set includes: collection tray + 4 support profiles + stacking tray
Extension includes: 4 support profiles + stacking tray
Collection tray rim size 93x42cm, 10cm high
Stacking tray rim size 93x42cm, 30cm high

Fish basins with window and overhead filter

Vortex 600/700 ltr.

Polyester coupling filter

Bakki Shower