DK Polyester produces thousands of polyester bins annually… 

At DK Polyester, we make all sorts of durable fiberglass reinforced polyester products:
Fish tanks & basins, drip trays, sump basins, gutters, door canopies, roof curbs, water meter pits, dormers, mobile shelter roofs, window frames, flower pots, verge trims, facade elements, bollard caps, molded parts, concrete pouring molds, road salt containers, storage systems, spray tanks, works of art – whether from mould or tailor made, just about everything is possible!


Tanks and basins

Building products

Industrial applications



[us_testimonial author=”Stijn van Hoestenberghe” company=”Catholic University of Leuven”]The personal contact with the people of DK was very pleasant and pricing was good too. Moreover, they found a keen solution to a problem we encountered: we needed a windowpane to be embedded in a circular fish tank.[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial author=”Marc Beers” company=”Beers Bouwproducten”]Building with confidence requires sound products. DK Polyester is a reliable partner with know-how of our business.[/us_testimonial]


Follow our recent developments and completed projects closely: DK Polyester keeps her customers up to date by offering a newsletter several times a year.

DK Polyester is a proud partner of PolyStyle, the dormers specialist in Breda region and afar . All maintenance-free dormers are made in our own factory.