Tanks and basins

Tanks and basinsĀ 

Since not a single application is the same, we supply tanks in all different shapes and sizes.
We are all too well aware of this, as we produce them for a wide range of industries and keep developing and improving variants on request.
Our standard range of polyester fluid containers is comprehensive, deliverable volumes vary from 50 liters to 10 cubic meters in various colours and shapes.

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Don’t see your product? Provide us with your requirements and we’ll start working on it.
This would be special tailor-made work, which DK Polyester is perfectly suited to handle.

A polyester tank based on a mold or tailor-made? No problem for DK Polyester, just give us a call or mail us.

Rectangular polyester tanks

Round polyester tanks

Drip trays / Collection trays

Fish basins and filters

Flower pots

Water meter pits

Filter pit

Spray Tanks

Road salt container

Custom-made bins