Customised or serial production, the client specifies

Each type of product requires its own specific processing technique. Dimensional stability, colour fastness, durability, volume and finishing level are just some of the many aspects to be considered.

DK Polyester has modern production facilities that meet all (safety) requirements. We continuously improve our methods of production and thus guarantee, in collaboration with our suppliers, the highest quality at a favourable price.

Properties of glass fiber reinforced polyester products:

• High strength-to-weight ratio.
• Electrical and thermal insulation:
– does not conduct power or heat.
• Corrosion and chemical resistant. Resistant to:
– weathering;
– temperature fluctuations;
– acids, bases and alkali.
• Low thermal expansion coefficient.
• Non-magnetic.
• Low-maintenance.
• Freely mouldable.
• High impact resistance.
• Available in the specified color.
• UV-resistant.
• Easy to process:
– due to light weight (favorable for health & safety);
– assembly and processing using traditional tools.
• Warranty (typically 5 years, depending on the product).
• Best price/quality ratio.

Models and moulds are all made in house. From finely handcrafted tailor-made work to robot-controlled serial work, we have all the specialist know-how available. We apply all techniques, from hand-layup and spray-up, to RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) and cold pressing.